Philosophy of Education

At Liberty, we strive to create a community where...

Literacy includes culture and language

The number one priority of Liberty is literacy. As defined by Webster, literacy is the process of being educated and cultured. Liberty interprets that to mean fluency and skilled ability with the written and spoken word as well as technology, math, science, media, history, the arts and contemporary culture.

All children are known

The objective is to create small communities where in a non-threatening safe environment students are free to risk and creativity can flourish. Children will be known and their strengths and weaknesses recognized and acted upon.

All staff is invested in the success of each individual

Liberty will employ instructors and personnel, in general that are passionately contagious about the love for learning and possess an enthusiasm for teaching and being involved in the lives of students.

Educational success is expected for all students

The intent is not to merely re-arrange the chairs but to develop an exciting creative environment with rich, demanding curriculum in which every student has the opportunity to succeed.

Children are embraced as unique and creative individuals

Students will be grouped according to their "talent development", rather than in traditional age-graded classes in core academic areas

Nurturing the whole child, is regarded as the norm, rather than the exception

Individual needs of our students, including physical, emotional and financial needs will be addressed. Likewise, a community of family members will be drawn into the school environment where parents are recognized as invaluable resources to not only their own children, but to the school family at large.

Parents are valued as an integral part of the "team."

A community of family members will be drawn into the school environment where parents are recognized as invaluable resources to not only their own children, but to the school family at large.

Research proven methods and techniques are employed

Liberty will implement time tested reform ideas, as well as techniques practiced over years of teaching. A program that is rich in diversity of teaching techniques and materials, solidly academic in nature, decidedly unique in the approach taken towards student's and their individual learning strengths and weaknesses, and provide an environment that because of teacher and community buy-in is passionately contagious with regard to instilling into children a curiosity for learning and a desire to achieve.

Technology in integrated into the school routine

Liberty will be a technologically rich environment where technology is a tool, not a teaching machine.

Business resources are essential to the total development

Linking the community to the school is critical to the 21st century in an effort to make real life experiences bridge over to education. Linking available community resources in a comprehensive, integrated approach that prevents barriers between the school, home and community would prove only a positive step in the total education of each individual.

Education is viewed as a process, not a product that enables students to go from learning to read to reading to learn

In the end, LFCS, Inc. desires to

  • Develop literate, capable students that will become lifelong learners,
  • Build an environment of family and community that nurtures the whole child and supports our educational venture,
  • Assess student progress on a continuing basis in order to provide students with the most positive, productive educational experience possible.
  • Provide professional development to assure quality programs and stellar teachers,
  • Use technology as a tool to develop completely competent citizens in the 21st century,
  • Operate a fiscally sound and highly successful charter school